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Dimensions: A5

Pages: 196 pages

Interior: Lined pages

Additional Details: Ribbon bookmark + Elastic closer


The Inspired Influencer journals are uniquely designed and from original works of art. The artist is an abstract painter from the island of Bermuda. She created this collection of paintings between 2011 to 2016 in her studio apartment. An avid writer and journal keeper, she designed this line of journals using her original artwork. Each painting was made with the tools God gave her; her fingertips dipped in the vibrant and bold colors. 

With southern roots in Atlanta, Georgia and vibrant cultural heritage from the tropical island of Bermuda, the artist continues to be inspired by the landscapes, cultures, and people around her. Each person she meets and places she travels to has a uniqueness that largely influences how she perceives things from behind the canvas.

She was first introduced to art by her mom, who took her and her sister to the High Museum of Art located in Atlanta as a weekend activity. She developed her love for it as a hobby in her spare time. However, traveling to places with a vibrant art scene like Cuba and South Africa only further deepen her love for the arts.

She has showcased her work at the Bermuda Society of Arts, City of Hamilton, Eiffel Art Show, Harbor Nights, Three Days Grace Spa, and other events.

Langré paints using the first God-given tools ever given to man, her fingers. It is a technique that sets her artwork apart from many other artists (unless they are still in elementary school). 

A common theme you will see in her artwork are faces. 

The first thing that many have commented on in regards to her work is the color. She is a fan of the unique expression found in Picasso's work, the self-portraits of Frida, the bold color of Matisse, and the spontaneous nature of Basquait. 

Langré is a published author of the book, 'The Single Heart', the lead photographer at, a passionate explorer, an amateur boxer, a wannabe professional salsa dancer, and a newlywed. 

Whether in black and white or color, she enjoys photographing and painting entire stories. Art has been a way that she is able communicate beauty in all its forms.


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