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Perseverance & Fitness

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

In a recent blog, I talked about "dirty words" like diligence, perseverance, endurance, etc. In keeping with that theme, one of the areas that develops those attributes in us is fitness.

I love what it says in 1 Timothy 4:8:

"For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come. (and for this we labor and strive), that we have put our hope in the living God, who is the Savior of all men, and especially of those who believe."

Physical training does not trump cultivating things like kindness, faithfulness, and integrity. Our outward appearance is not what is important. It is not what God is after because what He looks at is our heart. However, physical exercise develops in us discipline, strength, confidence and self-control that is a benefit to developing moral excellence. That is why we are going to talk on the subject of fitness & health.

Find Your Why

I won't get preachy-preachy with you in this post, but I am here to inspire! God placed a purpose and a mission on the inside of you. Your body is literally the temple that He is working, flowing, and moving through. It's through your mouth that His Will is prayed. It is with your hands that people are helped. It is by your feet that the gospel goes out to location to location, and place to place. It is in your imagination/mind that His creative ideas and witty inventions are birthed through.

We can pray about many things, but we also need to make sure that we are feeding our bodies and creating environments where we can thrive in the Will of God. This is a great first point to 'why' you should prioritize your health and fitness.

Finding a reason why to stick to your fitness goals is going to look different to all of us, but here are just a few that are great to consider:

  1. When you take care of yourself, you are taking care of your kids.

  2. To have the energy you need to do everyday life.

  3. For prevention.

  4. To feel good about yourself and within your skin.

There are so many! And, let's not discount some of them may be a bit more shallow reasons (like to look better than Jlo at 50 or whatever your body goal/age is). Whatever gets you motivated!

Get Active

My mom encouraged my sister and me growing up that she didn't care what we did, but we needed to stay active. Those words have stuck to me as an adult! I am someone who enjoys diversity in my workouts and find monotony extremely boring. Therefore, I'm willing to try anything to see if I like it!

I've been on a tennis team, been a gymnast and cheerleading coach, always tried to keep some regular dance class on my schedule (this one is a blast)!

That's a primary key when it comes to developing an exercise routine. It's finding what works for you and inspires you to get moving! Keep trying different things until something sticks and works for you.

Eliminate Excuses

This is has been the most recent and concrete goal of mine. I have noticed that, although I have always tried to work out, I have never been consistently consistent. I have short spurts of doing monthly challenges, and then I drop off for another 1-2 months. My goal has been to eliminate whatever my excuses are; "it's too cold, it's too late, I have bible study on those days. Instead, I have to schedule when it does fit and do it anyway. I've had to stop giving myself the option not to achieve my goals in this area. As a result, I gain respect for myself because I am operating in the Spirit of Perseverance and Self-Control that God has given me.

Instead of trying to gain muscle or lose (x) pounds, my goal is to be consistent. I have grasped the idea that this is a long game.

Whatever position you are in, eliminate your excuses. There is always a reason to not prioritize your physical health, but it is too costly on the other end. Maybe it looks like setting smaller milestone goals and imagining your long term ones. Regardless, respect that God has given you the use of your joints and your limbs. Humbly acknowledge that there are others out there who may not have the use of theirs, and decide not to take yours for granted by sitting on a chair or couch all day. Get some movement in your day!

What is your excuse? Meet Ernestine Shepard

I am cheering you on!

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or at the beginning of your fitness journey, you need a workout playlist to #hype you up during your sessions. The right playlist will push you to do that extra set or to sprint that final minute. Working out is essential to keeping us strong, mind, body, and soul! It is a great booster for endorphins and serotonin.

(Article on Exercise, Depression, & the Brain)

So, I made you a playlist...

Firstly, I have to give the disclaimer that I grew up in #ATL, which means that my idea of hype rap music selection has evolved and changed a lot over the years. I have come a long way from listening to T.I., Crime Mob, and Gucci Mane. However, for you reading through this particular playlist listing, it means that you will find that my clean workout music is beat-heavy! It may not be everyones flavor & that's A-O-K.

Here's is my #2021 clean rap music playlist for doing power workouts, long runs, or squatting low and lifting heavy:

  1. Jockin' - Tobe Nwigwe

  2. I'm Dope - Tobe Nwigwe

  3. Move - Audio Adrenaline

  4. Soca Feeling - Dee-1

  5. 100 - K.B.

  6. 10K - KB

  7. Zone Out - KB

  8. H.O.L. - Brvdon P

  9. Barely Finished - Brvdon P

  10. Dreamers - Slicky Frenzy

  11. The Power - Ty Basel & K.B.

  12. No Days Off - Trip Lee

  13. Great - 1kPson

  14. I'm a Believer - Tedashii

  15. Work - Tedashii

  16. Free - Tedashii

  17. Ignition - Toby Mac

  18. Feel It - Toby Mac

  19. Move - Toby Mac

  20. Sweet Victory - Trip Lee

  21. Work It Out - Tye Tribbett

  22. Yahweh - J. Monty

  23. Temptation - 116

  24. Man up Anthem - 116

  25. No Regrets - Lecrae

  26. God Flex - Tedashii

  27. One Sixteen - Trip Lee

  28. No Worries - Trip Lee

  29. Coming in Hot - Lecrae & Andy Mineo

  30. Stop the Traffic - Andy Mineo

  31. Never Land - Andy Mineo

  32. Higher Love - Sho Baraka

  33. Hills and Valleys Remix - Tauren Wells

  34. Stop Me - Christopher Gray

  35. Set Me Free - Lecrae & YK Osiris

What are some others hype & clean workout songs to add to this list? Let me know in the comments if you would like me to share a blog with other workout playlists!

Until next time,

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