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31 Day Journal Challenge

I am so excited to start the year off with this 31 days journal challenge. 

Since I was 11 years old (maybe earlier than that), I have always been an avid journaler. I have written my life experiences, highs, and lows, on the pages of all different kinds of journals. When I was 22 years old, I gave my life to Christ and began my new life with Him. It was a tough road. I was like the children of Israel who came out of Egypt and when into a wilderness. I was so used to the low quality of living in my former life that I didn't think there was more to life than what I was used to.

However, as I began to study the Bible and read the Word of God for myself, I realized that I was living way below my potential, certainly below the possibility of what God has predestined for me. I began to journal my way through that wilderness season. I was pouring my heart out on the lined pages of my notebooks, expressing my desperation for a renewed mind, a healed heart, a husband, a family, a successful career, freedom from addictions to substances, people, porn, and the like. My journal became my safe place to be in the presence of God and to place the intimate details of my life and desires.

I was never that great at praying aloud. I didn't know what I was supposed to say. I was intimidated by the seasoned believers who could pray for hours and intercede for nations. Yet, when I wrote to God everything I felt, saw, and thought about, I could go for hours, or at least until my hand cramped up.

I have looked back over my writings to see the prayers I have written and read overcome to pass. It has blessed me tremendously to be able to see God's Heart, hand, and faithfulness at work all along.

As I invite you to join me on this 31 days journal challenge, I pray that your heart is set entirely free on the pages of your notebook. I hope that you hear the voice of God through your thoughts, and your free flow those ideas into prayers on each page. We are entering into a new decade, a new year, and prayerfully for some of you, a new life in Christ.

For the next 31 days, here is what you will need:

1. A journal (I recommend the Inspired Influencer one ;)

2. A bible (ESV, NLT, or AMP are the easiest to understand without taking away too much of the context. Here's a link to some of my favorites)

3. 20-30 minutes of carved out quiet time. (I aim for early mornings, but sometimes I have to be flexible to do it at lunch. Do what works for you! Just make that time.)

How can we keep each other accountable?

No, we don't do things to be seen by others or to be braggadocious, but I have found that a quick picture with a hashtag #31DayJournalChallenge helps to do a "check-in". If you would prefer to keep it on the low, send me a DM on Instagram (@theinspiredinfluencer).

God promises in His word that when we delight ourselves in Him, He is faithful to give us the desires of our heart. He promises that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him diligently, and when we seek Him, we will find Him.

In all honesty, none of us know what this year will hold, but if your heart, mind, soul, and strength is built upon the foundation of Christ, no matter what comes, you will not be shaken.


With love,

The Inspired Influencer

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