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Hi friends! Thank you for stopping by my little space on the web. I am so excited to have you here.


The first thing you should know about me is that I love Jesus. At the core of who I am, it is all for His glory and honor. I love to be creative and find great passion in painting and writing. It is where I am most comfortable communicating, sharing my faith and expressing myself. Having this blog to write and share my heart is a safe and precious place for me. I also adore connecting and building a community through this platform!

I am a administrator and photographer by day, but a deep-thinking, open-hearted, blog-posting writer by night. As an introverted-extrovert, quality time is my jam, social connection is vital, and having a peaceful place with a cup of coffee is my actual love language.


I wrote my first book, The Single Heart, where I share my full testimony of how God transformed my life. In it, I talk about healing from the past, navigating singleness, and being made whole. In the year the book was published, I met my incredible husband!

 What it means to me to have “inspirational influence” is to be divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit to be one who transforms nothing into something great and beautiful everywhere I go. I get much joy seeing people and circumstances change when they develop a relationship with God and encounter His love!



Just a little

about me:

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The Blog & Shop:

The Inspired Influencer blog & shop were created as a form of providing encouragement that will inspire readers to go out and impact the world in a positive, constructive, and beneficial way.


We like it pure, bold, brave

and courageous over here!


The influence I write about, however, is not regarding seeking to have influence but operating from a position of stewarding the influence that you have already been given through Christ.


It’s about pursuing and aiming to bring a little slice of Heaven here on earth with our lives (Matthew 6:10 - "your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.")


​Check out the everyday life stories and reflections written in the blog. Consider signing up to do a monthly bible challenge with us next month!

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