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The Inspired Influencer is someone who transforms nothing into something great and beautiful! They are those who breathe freshness, an air of inspiration, hope, encouragement to those who need it. 

We provide inspiration content found in our blog, by the issuing of monthly study challenges, journal prompts and more. We hope that you will be motivated to go and impact the world in whatever your area of influence.

Our products give back to community by supporting women's organizations, here in Bermuda, and partnering with brands that also contribute to social injustices.

A bit about:

Since I was 11 years old (maybe earlier than that), I have always been an avid journaler. I have written my life experiences, highs, and lows, on the pages of all different kinds of journals.


My favorite creative outlets consist of writing for my Christian lifestyle blog and painting. In 2020, I merged the two passions by creating my very own journal collection and stepping out on faith to begin this blog!


Be Inspired.